Currency Fluctuation Analysis through Fundamental Analysis

EUR moving trading news versus GBP
2/14/2018 3:39:37 AM
According to Forex market, EURGBP is moving back but still up in Asia trading on low fickleness, testing the 0.8905 area. Intrad
EUR improved slightly versus JPY
2/14/2018 3:38:45 AM
EURJPY is improving but still lower on the day during Forex market activities, at present trying near 132.66 ahead of European mar
USDJPY fall to lows during FX market
2/13/2018 6:48:06 AM
The growing selling pressure around the dollar is pulling USDJPY to record fresh YTD lows in the 107.50/45 band today. As mentio
AUDUSD Trading News in Forex market
2/13/2018 6:47:19 AM
The AUDUSD pair is seen merging the latest up move to 5 day tops of 0.7870, as the bulls stay anxious among declining risk appetit
GBPUSD Trading News in Forex market
2/12/2018 2:46:32 PM
GBPUSD seems to be getting away from 1.3877 beyond European market open, trading into 1.3853. Intraday support/persistence is va
EURUSD more stable activities in Forex market
2/12/2018 2:42:32 PM
The shared currency has begun the week on a stable balance and is now arising EURUSD to rise to the area of daily tops at 1.2315 t
USDCHF recoils near 2 years low in FX market
2/2/2018 1:42:01 PM
After restoring almost 2 years lows in Forex market, the USDCHF pair presented a minor recovery and is now looking to move back ab
EURGBP going on top in Forex market
2/2/2018 1:41:17 PM
The latest and softer tone around the pound has permitted EURGBP to settle session tops in the 0.8775 area on Friday, expanding th
GBPUSD flows to Forex weekly highs
2/1/2018 9:30:49 AM
After a first dip to the 1.4158 area, the GBPUSD pair reclaimed traction and turned positive for the 2rd successive session. The
USDJPY floated to high
2/1/2018 9:29:27 AM
During Forex market news, the dollar improved its post-FOMC moderate recovery move and pushed the USDJPY pair to fresh weekly tops