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Types of graphs for Forex market analysis
We will skip explaining all the methods of technical analysis comprehensively – we would have to publish an encyclopedia-siz
Influence of Michigan consumer sentiment index in Forex market
This index reflects the consequences of a countrywide survey of consumers about their confidence in the current economic state of
What is the ISM services index
It is the result of a survey of non-manufacturing purchasing and supply managers published as an index, maximum value of this inde
Influence of Philadelphia Fed index in Forex market
It is the consequence of the survey of manufacturers in Philadelphia about the current economic condition in the country. A value
Influence of Chicago PMI in Forex market
This indicator is collected from an examination of purchasing managers in Chicago and contains data about the prices of the produc
Jobless claims index in Forex market
This is the difference in the amount of unemployment benefit claims for the week. The indicator itself is rather a weak factor in
Construction spending index in Forex market
This indicator is released in two alternatives: as an absolute value on all summarized spending or as a connection between the cur
Business Inventories index in Forex market
This indicator can aware investors to stagnation in the economy if the levels of inventory – that is, of stock, mainly such
Influence of Durable goods orders
This indicator shows the level of consumer confidence in the current economic condition. This is because people only usually buy d
What is the Beige book
The Beige book is a review of the US economy from the Fed, gathered by the Fed’s 12 region banks. It contains industry, nonm