Recommended Trading Strategies

Recommended Trading Strategies

Capital Management

Regarding capital management, you are recommended to enter the deals with maximum 0.08 standard lots per each $ 1000 available in your trading account balance.

Always consider the issue that financial markets may experience sudden fluctuations, in which no economic factors are involved; for example natural earthquake or bombing in one of the world’s important economic spots. None of these factors are economic; nor are they factors such as flood or predictable. Considering these circumstances, the most important factor that can contribute to your survival in the market and prevent your bankruptcy is capital management.

Flashing Green Light (STATE column in mobile app)

When the signals reach TP1 and TP2, at that moment this is displayed on the signals table by flashing and announcing of the exact date and time to inform the traders.

Trading Strategies

To use the trading signals of FxErvin Group optimally, please note:

1. Never enter a signal that the market has passed in terms of both Price and Start Time. Each of the signals is sent considering the potential available at a given time and the situation of different markets; and the S/L is determined for them based on different factors. Therefore, if you enter a signal, whose entry point and price the market has passed, your risk increases greatly.

2. Before choosing each signal, always pay attention to the risk declared for each signal in the column Signal Risk.

The FxErvin Group signals are sent for three groups of traders. A) Traders who tend to have low risk and low efficiency; B) Traders who tend to have a balanced trend with average growth; C) Traders who enter into deals with high risk and tend to get the highest profit; therefore, they welcome high risks.

Recommended Risk Management

1. Yellow Signals:

These signals have the lowest risk and are suitable for traders who have a weak account or have experienced various losses; because these signals have limited motion interval, in terms of both TP and S/L. As a result, they involve limited and controlled risks.

2. Orange Signals:

The orange signals are suitable for the traders who want to maintain a balanced trend. This group of traders seek balanced risk; neither very low-risk nor very high risk.

3. Red Signals

These signals involve the highest risk and on the other hand have the highest profit potential.

Note: Not everybody is recommended to use these signals. Note that those traders who psychologically have high risk tolerance and on the other hand their accounts are not at risk are suitable for these signals.

Taking into account the suggested capital management, the red signals are suitable for traders who have at least $ 3,000 on their account balance.


Using this method is suitable for red signals, because these signals have sufficient potential and the TPs’ distance is appropriate to implement this command.

The most popular method to use TRAILING STOP is as follows:

A. Choose TP3 for TP

B. Reaching TP1, decrease the S/L by %50

C. Reaching TP2, put the S/L price on the entry spot or TP1