Forex Trading Privacy Policy


1.1. Client Agreement, Regulation and Notice of Risk determine conditions and procedure of rendering. The terminology used in documents can be found in a separate section.

1.2. Agreement is made between FxErvin Co., hereinafter referred to as Company, and an individual who registered in the Company, hereinafter referred to as Client.

1.3. The place of Company's registration is considered to be the place of signed Agreement.

1.4. Opening hours: 24 hours a day from 00.00.01 Central European Time (CET) Monday till 23.00.00 CET Friday.

1.5. Holidays listed on Company website are the exception to 1.4

2. Registration

2.1. Client must fill in the registration form on Company Website:

2.2. Client accepts conditions of the Agreement, Regulation and Risk Notice.

2.3. Due date for monthly invoice payments shall be 72 hours at date of issue.


3.1. US Dollar or Armenian Dram is the deposit currency; all charging operations are made in US Dollars or Armenian Dram.

3.2. Automatic charging is possible at any time.

3.3. Company has a right not to convert money from one payment system to another.


4.1. Company can change this agreement by sending a letter of notification five days before changes occur officially.

4.2. Company takes no responsibility for dereliction of duties caused by failures in connection channels or Internet problems.

4.3. Client has the authority to sign this agreement, make requirements, give orders and meet corresponding commitments.

4.4. Client confirms that all information given in registration form is true, precise and up-to-date.

4.5. Client has a legal source of money.

4.6. Actions carried out by Client according to the Agreement and Regulation do not break laws, regulations and other rules applied to Customer or under Customer’s jurisdiction.

4.7. Company can ask the Client to send his identity document in electronic format as well.


5.1. Claims for lost profit are not considered.

5.2. Company doesn’t repair moral damages.

5.3. All claims are sent to [email protected], not later than 1 day from daily Confirmation receipt.

5.4. If a disputable situation is not described in Client Agreement, Regulation or Notice of Risk, Company can solve this problem in accordance with its working practice.

Please contact us at: [email protected]