Terms and Conditions

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Monthly Interest Calculation

  • Monthly interest of each account is calculated from the Balance of any account. As such if the Balance of any account is $1200 at the beginning of the trade, and after one month activity, on the date of monthly interest calculation (first Sunday of each month), the Balance would reach $1500, therefore, $300 calculated as the monthly interest.
  • Company share and Customer monthly interest are calculated according to the following table:
Share of Company    | Share of customer       |Total capital
from total profit         |  from total profit           |
of each month           |  of each month              |
             20 %               |             80 %                     | From $1700 to $19.999
             17 %               |             83 %                     | From $20.000 to $49.999
             15 %               |             85 %                     | From $50.000 to $99.999
             10 %               |             90 %                     | From $100.000 to $499.999
             5 %                 |             95 %                     | From $500.000 to high

  • Monthly profit calculation day of each period is the first Sunday of every Month.
  • Invoice of each customer is observed through the above pane and sent through Email and SMS.

Issued invoices are registered and are payable through accounts in Payment Method sector.
Due date for payment of monthly invoices is 72 hours from the date of issue. in case of failure to receive payment for the issued invoices the company is authorized to cease the relevant service and follow-up with legal authorities.

  • Foreign Exchange trading is very risky and may result in loss of funds. FxErvin is not liable for any loss of funds or profit which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of information provided by the company.


  • Limitations

    Before contract conclusion with FxErvin and Company Software implementation, the Client has no right to Buy/Sell, withdraw or change any settings like password without coordinating this with the analysis section of the Company. Otherwise, the Company will not take any responsibility against possible losses reserving itself the right of contract cancellation.

  • Force Majeure

    In case of force majeure events, such as storm, flood, earthquake, or economic shocks in markets at emergency times or any natural and unavoidable catastrophe that are evidently out of Company control, the Company may take the responsibility to terminate the Client trade to protect the account from possible losses.

  • Contract Cancellation

    Considering the fact that transaction accounts are active and floating, account settlement can be time consuming. At this point the Client intending to cancel a contract should send his/her application directly to FxErvin Analysis Department a month prior.

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