Currency Fluctuation Analysis through Fundamental Analysis

USDCAD trading close to high
4/25/2018 6:22:56 PM
According to Forex market the USDCAD is trading higher, success back into the 1.2846 area close to yesterday's highs. The pa
EURUSD Moving to daily low
4/25/2018 6:21:41 PM
During forex market activities, the now better tone around the dollar is now pushing EURUSD to retreat to the area of daily lows a
NZDUSD Under pressure during Forex market
4/24/2018 5:17:47 PM
After a short-term integrative stint near 0.7123 levels, the NZDUSD pair came under new selling pressure in early Europe, now appe
GBPUSD Struggles to stay on top in FX market
4/24/2018 4:19:52 PM
The GBPUSD is holding stable near the 1.3953 level after falling for five straight days as the USD flows in the broader FX markets
USDJPY News in Forex market
4/23/2018 6:16:53 PM
The dollar keeps on to rise against its JPY on Monday and is now pushing USDJPY to the area of the 108.11landmark. As mentioned
EURUSD is trading in a low range In FX market
4/23/2018 4:14:12 PM
After progressing to the limitations of 1.2307 the figure in early trade, EURUSD lost several upside traction and is now flirting
USD Trading swing versus JPY
3/21/2018 9:11:50 PM
The USDJPY pair increased to 106.64 yesterday, perhaps due to hawkish Fed expectations and a growth in the short-duration treasury
EURUSD Trying to be on high in Forex market
3/21/2018 3:11:12 PM
EURUSD succeeded to recoil from the area of session lows around 1.2237 and is now flirting with daily tops near 1.2268 amongst an
EURUSD came under additional pressure
3/19/2018 7:11:21 PM
During Forex market, the selling pressure around the European currency is accelerating at the start of the week and pulling EURUSD
AUDUSD jumped to high in Forex market
3/16/2018 6:08:32 PM
The AUDUSD pair improved early lost ground to fresh weekly lows and is now trying to develop its momentum beyond the 0.7811 handle